About J. M. Robinson Consulting

Joshua earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at CSU Sacramento in 2007. During his time there he stumbled on a field of psychology known as I/O, or Industrial/Organizational Psychology that focused on the needs of businesses and organizations to function at a higher capacity using their human capital. He focused his education on learning the ins and outs of work engagement and training styles using his studies and work life together.

In March 2008, Joshua started his graduate program in Organizational Development Psychology which is the newer term for the I/O field. It was at this time that Joshua has really broadened his experience with what the field of OD really encapsulates. Between work engagement, training, communication, problem solving, and cross-cultural issues, Joshua was able to gain a much better understanding of how to fully improve the business practices of today. He used his lessons in his work life by writing and testing a pilot training program, consulted on management styles with supervisors, and read extensively on ways to improve different avenues of organizations, whether private, non-profit, education, or government agencies.

In summer 2009, Joshua completed his M.S. while completing a Capstone consultancy with a local non-profit. It was here Joshua was finally able to grab the reigns and run with his education. Between collaborating with the management to improve the office morale, and improving the communication flow of the office staff and management, Josh saw the improvements of his work in the business setting. The organization was extremely satisfied with the consultancy as the business processes improved and the office morale had turned back towards the positive. They were so happy that they offered to have him back as a research participant in his dissertation.

Joshua has completed his doctoral course work in OD and is currently working on his dissertation. He is studying the results of creative training on Third-Culture Kids and whether or not this will shrink the gap of learning in students who do not speak their native language. In the mean time, he has taught several college courses in Psychology, Math, Success, and Humanities. He is also currently consulting with other local charter schools on improving their office flow, communication, and management.