Public education systems in CA and LA

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My “a ha” moment came from finding the lack of logical thinking in issuing of funds between the policies of SB 2042 in California and how the rebuilding of New Orleans’s education system is bearing a striking resemblance (Beabout, 2007, Hafner & Maxie, 2006).  As both California and New Orleans are experiencing over-crowded public schools, under-funded school districts, and under-performing minority groups then a similar system of recovery should work in both cases to a certain degree (Hafner & Maxie, 2006).  In order to improve the situation for the public schools to prosper, it is important to provide assistance and regulation for that to occur.  If students are stuck going to public schools because they cannot afford other means or the transportation situation does not allow it, yet the schools are not able to be funded because the attendance continues to drop for other students having the means to leave, this leaves the public school children behind, possibly permanently.

Having said that, I think it is the parent’s and the student’s right to go to school wherever they would like to go and putting limits on who can go and who can stay seems unfair to me.  Somehow the parents and students in the district need to force the hand of the district to tell them that the level of education and funding is inadequate, there are other options, and there is no reason to sacrifice education for the sake of possibly getting more funding later for the student.  I would never put my child at that much risk of hoping the school district turns itself around.  This, to me, seems like a monopoly.  This is something that we all need, like utility companies, and the options that are provided are going to a chosen few that can arrange it.  I do not think this is an issue that can or will be resolved simply or soon, but is one that needs addressing.

Beabout, B. (2007). Stakeholder Organizations Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans Public Schools. Multicultural Education, Winter, (43-49).

Hafner, A., & Maxie, A. (2006). Looking at Answers about Reform: Findings from the SB 2042 Implementation Study. Issues in Teacher Education, 15(1), 85-102. Retrieved from ERIC database.


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